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“Invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs.”
Nikola Tesla 

Dr. Bashir Ahmed Shah (Father) was born in 1932 to Mohammad Yaseen Shah in District City of Mianwali and was the youngest sibling. He spent most of his life in Bhakkar or surroundings in Punjab and served community with his Medical expertise. He started his career as Family Planning Officer in the last 60s after completing his studies. A couple of years later he decided that it was not a job for him and he worked for various hospitals around Bhakkar & Jhang as Medical Practitioner.

His main residence was couple of miles from Bhakkar city called Bashir Abad, however after couple of decades this was changed by his elder brother Amman Ullah Shah to Masoom Abad upon a religious visit planned by Pir Masoom.

He was in early stage of launching the Cynendrical Washing Machine used in South Asia for washing clothing and opened two Clinics in Lahore with one near the border when his wife Shaistah Bashir passed away in 1980. He was then forced to move back to his family in Bhakkar.

He travelled to Lahore and Karachi for higher education. While his main education and career was based around Medicine, he also studied Law, Punjabi Literature and alternate medicine therapies including Homoeopathy.


  • Shafiq Medicos
  • Bashir Clinical Laboratories
  • First ever quails breeding farms in region “Ahmed Quails Breeding Farms and Hatcheries”
  • First fully automated poultry farm
  • Opening of first Poultry Feeds Agencies in Bhakkar

Community and Public Services

  • First Blood Donors Association established in District Bhakkar
  • Free Blood group test and dispensing services for Blood Donors
  • Zakat distribution and management for Masoom Abad (formerly called Bashir Abad)
  • Hygiene and Healthy life awareness in Villages

Inventions and Innovations

  • He designed and developed incubators and hatchery locally with automated operations.
  • Designed and developed a colorimeter with help of his son Imran Shah
  • Bio-material recycling and conversion into energy
  • Single medicine prescription system using Symptomatic assessment using computer software

Cessna Crash event – 1984

*A Cessna 421B Golden Eagle aircraft operated by provincial government of Balouchistan carrying 4 passengers including Governor of Balouchistan Sardar Farooq Shaukat Khan Lodhi whose destination was Dera Ismail Khan Airport got damaged beyond repair in an accident on July 6, 1984, at Mankera, Mankera Tehsil, Bhakkar District, Punjab Province in Pakistan. Location in Pakistan at Co-ordinates: 31°23′N 71°26′E. Only one of four persons aboard the aircraft Governor of Baluchistan Sardar Farooq Shaukat Khan Lodhi was the lone survivor of this accident. A retired army person from nearby village witnessed incident and brought severely injured Sardar Farooq from incident site to nearby medical aid facility. Later, he was taken to District Hospital in Bhakkar city.

*Dr. Bashir was called for blood group screening & arrangement as well as cross match. He advised transfusion of O-positive as donor was immediatly available after compatability test (cross match) but medical staff of government hospital opposed suggestion (district hospital staff was unaware that O-positive donor blood can be received by Rh-positive group). Keeping in view severity of patient’s injuries and blood loss, Dr. Bashir took responsibility of consequences and blood was transfused. Governor of Baluchistan Sardar Farooq Shaukat Khan Lodhi recovered to live.

Imran Shah (Late, Brother) is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, inventor and internet governance expert.

Early Inventions

  • Indigenous design of perpetual motion machine 1986
  • Mouse Trap  1988
  • Poultry feed ingredients formulation system 1989
  • Colorimeter 1990
  • Driving Theory Test 1998

Internet Governance

  • Allowance of ccTLDs of more than 2 character length
  • Allowance of ccTLDs in Unicode languages
  • Cost reduction of TLDs for poor countries and organizations


  • urduinternetcouncil.org
  • dotpak.org

Kamran Shah (Brother) is an IT, networks and Virtualization expert and electronics enthusiast.


  • Kamran Electronics Labs 1992
  • Sound Amplification system (Stereo Amplifier) based on STK… IC internal circuitry
  • Urduware.com

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